Summer Project topic- The ‘Selfie’

At the start of the Summer holidays I vowed to myself that this project would not be left until last minute, as I do everything else. Although it appears the inner procrastinator in me has taken over yet again, and with two weeks until starting back at uni it’s finally getting started. To make myself feel better it must be said that the topic of the project has been floating around in my head for the past month or so, and of course the thought of getting started. Guess i’m just a big thinker right? Hmm.

When reading the brief at first I do have to admit I was rather stumped. It was so broad and it didn’t feel as though we’d been set a proper task unlike previous briefs. Yet it must have been written that way to see what outcome we could produce of our backs, without any guidance. In a way it reminded me of Fine art briefs from sixth form and foundation, which although now are a distant memory, they used to fill me with joy bringing the opportunity to express yourself in a way that fits you best, without being restrained.

So my chosen topic ‘The ‘Selfie”:

  • It’s a tool used everyday to promote sales for fashion brands
  • Intentionally, via celebrities doing promotions of sent products on instagram/snapchat
  • Unintentionally, via normal people/bloggers posting normal pictures or outfits and followers asking where they are from.
  • Creates traffic towards featured brands website and increases likelehood of purchases
  • Allows control of what is being put across, sometimes an exaggerated or unrealistic version of self or products (enhanced by editing).
  • However with so many bloggers and celebrities being idolised on social media, it can put pressure on people to take ‘the perfect selfie’, in a bid to live up to standards.
  • Celebrity endorsement: Bloggers/celebs attaching name to a clothing collection, e.g. Sarah Ashcroft, Charlotte Crosby, etc. Making bog standard online clothing stores more desirable.
  • Different uses for different genders: for instance more fashion/beauty promotion for women, whereas aimed at more fitness fashion brands for men.


The types of selfie: (as outlined by me)

  • The ‘I woke up like this’ selfie- commonly taken to fool others into thinking you ‘naturally’ look a certain way. When in fact you’ve leaped out of bed, showered, and then applied copious amounts of concealer, eyebrow pencil, and lip gloss beforehand to cover a magnitude of sins like spots and under-eye circles. Often pictured in bed with a caption intending to convince and fool your audience further. Seriously God forbid if anyone saw those NATURAL things about you ey?!
  • The sausage/hot dog legs selfie- Taken to showcase your newly bronzed, oiled up pair of hotdogs, featuring the standard pool or beach scenery. The aim of course is to boast your holiday resort, but instead the focus ends up being on the sausages at the forefront of the picture. Always makes for an amusing selfie though.
  • The pout that resembles a fish selfie- A pose phase that almost all females go through at some stage. Adopted by teenagers and occasionally middle aged women in a bid to look attractive. Almost always cringed at by viewers on social media.
  • The sit on the sink selfie- Where you prop your leg up on the sink aiming to make your bum look as peachy as possible. Which of course everyone knows because it wasn’t a convenience you decided to sit on the sink like that was it?
  • The ‘gains’ selfie- An oh so flattering image, either depicting your newly slaved for muscle growth via a tensed pose, or your post-gym sweat covered body.
  • The ‘ootd (outfit of the day)’ selfie- A Selfie usually taken by those with a high amount of followers, posed anywhere from against a white wall, to a multi-storey car park, to in the middle of a street. Designed to show off their daily outfit in all it’s glory.
  • The product endorsement selfie- Selfies aren’t just for showing off. Celebrity’s and bloggers alike are often pictured featuring things sent to them by brands in a bid to endorse them to consumers. The usual culprits involved are teeth whitening strips and fake tan.
  • Makeup Selfie- Taken to show the glow up of high lighter against a perfectly blended eyeshadow look, topped of with fluffy ‘natural’ lashes. Proving the sheer pigmentation of either a new Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda or Morphe Palette; making everyday women envious of their transformation skills and ability to splash the cash on such things.
  • Drunken Selfie- Not taken at the finest hour. Sometimes taken in a club toilet, the smoking area, or McDonalds at the end of the night. Generally makes you look a 10/10 at the time, but fills you with regret when looking back the next morning.
  • Couples selfie- Usually taken on date night, or on a trip out together. Cute but also cheesy, used as a way to demonstrate their love for each other on social media. A caption reading bae is a usual occurrence, to further confirm the relationship.


How selfies have evolved:

A mere few years back the selfie was just something you took for yourself to post on Facebook, Instagram or Bebo, anyone remember that site? But the way social media has evolved means that a simple image containing a product can mean thousands that wouldn’t have bought the product otherwise then go on to purchase it. Or they at least look up the product online, meaning they’re then aware of the brand. A win either way for the company.

But are consumers convinced about the oh so obvious ads placed on social media every day or is it just a fad? When asking friends they said it’s so blatant they are getting paid to endorse the products, that looking at the selfie alone isn’t going to prompt a purchase. However it would encourage them to look further for reviews of the product if it was something they’re interested in, and could see why younger teenagers may be more sensitive to the ads so consequently may buy straight away.




For some reason WordPress won’t let me see this post, so i’ll have to make this a ‘to be continued’ post..


One camera one lense: starting over

When recently travelling on holiday to Amsterdam, my internet disappeared, and consequently so did my ability to make blog posts. 

Therefore as of tomorrow I’ll be aiming to start posting on image a day for the next year, in a bid to get it back on track and pick up my eye for photography again. Currently I don’t have anymore holidays planned so here’s to hoping for no more start overs!

In the meantime, here’s a pretty picture of Amsterdam, looking over a river outside Central Station. 

Thanks for reading and sorry for the delay in posts!

Gym fashion

So since finishing uni for the summer, I’ve decided to try and fill my days up usefully, by joining the gym. Don’t get me wrong i’m not spending my whole summer in the gym, I don’t think I could if I wanted to. Alongside having a lot of overtime at work (I thought this was meant to be a holiday), as every student always needs money right? My aim is to try and get off my backside that has happily sat around doing uni work since last year, although i’ve been working weekends and when possible in the week to, I feel as though I haven’t been as active as maybe I should, and it’s left me feeling rather lazy. But hey what a better time to do something about it now, in the hope that if I get into going to the gym on a regular basis whilst not at uni, it’ll stick when i’m back in October. Besides they say exercise is good for stress.. in which case i’ll definitely be needing it.

But with the gym comes a whooole new concept of clothing for me, yep, Activewear. If i’m being honest I haven’t stepped foot in a gym since about aged 16? Having used to go with my mum after school, but then GCSE exams came and so revision took over exercise. It seems in that time the width and breadth of activewear has grown quite hugely. When shopping for gym clothes a few years ago I remember it being predomonently sports brand websites that were a go to to buy, but now it appears every hughstreet clothing shop is profiting from their own ranges. When looking at the huge price difference and what could only be called a minute difference in quality, if that really, it’s easy to see why consumers would opt for high street over high end in this case.

For example (this may sound, possibly crude may be the right word? so I apologise to any lecturer marking this) I do not recall ever having a camel toe in my life, but after trying on a pair of £45 Nike training leggings, oh my, it was not pretty. They were so poorly fitting, baggy in the wrong places, yet still remaining to look see through, I really couldn’t see why anyone would fork out 40 quid on them, especially being a student as i’m more considerate of where money goes than ever. So off I went feeling cheated by expensive price tags, and trotted down to New Look. And Oo what a good decision this was, their activewear range is pretty extensive compared to what I was expecting. Oh and what was this? Good quality thicker fabric that wasn’t see through, and with a price tag of £17, in comparison to what I shall now refer to as ‘the Nike experience’, I felt as though I’d just won the jackpot in Vegas. So armed with a mesh top and a few pairs of leggings, I headed into the changing rooms and the jackpot doubled. Which left me wondering why anyone would pay over double the price for something that has the famous Nike tick on, when you can get so much better quality for over half the price. Admittedly as my search began in sports shops, before shopping for activewear I to had all of my trust in brands, yet my activewear search has proved that they’re not always on top.

So to complete this post, here are some of my favourite activewear pieces from New Look:


Thanks for reading!x

Final booklet printing issues- Whoever marks my booklet please read!

After writing a post yesterday about the horrendous queue at the print shop, and that consequently I was going to try and print and bind it myself. Well after going into WHSmith and them having nothing available for DIY binding or any sort, I took of Rymans offer or their super speedy next day binding.

So I paid £28, yes £28, for a next day booklet when in the print shop it would have been no more than £15. It’s no wonder the que is so long! Then I left it in their capable hands overnight to pick it up for my deadline to hand in this morning. Well i’ve just picked it up, and for that price for 29 pages you’d expect good quality. Well let me tell you I am not happy. Half The page numbering detail at the bottom of every page is half cut of, my name and student number on the first page is the same. Yet apparently it’s to late to do anything about even though I paid £28! Did you do a test print I hear you ask? Yes I did (within my sketchbook), and it turned out just as i’d liked it. The document was a PDF so I don’t understand how they managed to chop anything off either way! Then comes the paper quality, I paid for the top A4 quality in there, and yet what I got looks like normal printer paper and is partially see through to the designs on the other side. So the ‘we do next day binding and printing services and we have no due’ was way to good to be true, i now understand why they didn’t have people waiting down the street like at the NTU print shop.

But needless to say although my booklet looks a bit of a shambles, there’s nothing I can do about that now as its hand it day. So i’ll (unwillingly) suck it up, and just be glad that my work for this year is done. On the bright side at least it is required you upload the printed report as well as print, and the mistake was made in first year. As well as a lesson learnt.. I’LL NEVER BE PRINTING AT RYMANS AGAIN.

Thanks for reading!

An attempt at illustrating my Brand Promotional Booklet

Good morning! Is it ok to say morning at 1:51 at night? I guess so..

With the Fragrance Project Task 4 brief looming (AAAAH), I wanted to try and make my booklet appear more like me, to show more of my personality if you will. So what better way to do that than draw my own floral illustrations, scan them in and use them as a way to communicate the brands core scent throughout the booklet. Since starting FCP I feel as though i’ve lost my way with things I used to adore and spend countless hours on, like art. So this was my first step at getting back into it.

Admittedly feeling a little rusty, I picked up my fine liner (oh how i’ve missed you!) and drew up some slightly rough looking, minimalistic illustrations. Despite being a world away from what art used to be to me, I was a utter perfectionist that loved realism. I discovered i’ve kind of let go of the perfectionist side of me since starting FCP, I was drawing more freely, and by no means did they look perfect and realistic, but for once that was ok.

Anyway here’s an odd few pages from my finished document to show how they looked. Fitting in well with brand concept and feel, adding just a little detail to stop it looking plain but not so that it’s to much, I think i’ll now be illustrating more reports in the future..

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 02.01.21Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 02.01.50Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 02.02.36

Thanks for reading!

Natalie x